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What does Tatu Pictures and Dr Doolittle have in common?

We are proud to announce that our Cardiff filmmaking duo, Craig and Raquel, have been commissioned by the lovely Kate Humble to make a film for her working farm, Humble By Nature.

Raquel and Craig have had fun so far, becoming regular Dr Doolittle’s; talking with the animals and wallowing in mud…  Filming will resume just as soon as the gorgeous Welsh weather stops being so enthusiastic…

Kate Humble has become a house-hold name in the UK, not only for her passion for wildlife and environmental issues, but also because of her bubbly personality.  Kate can frequently be seen on our Television screens but she is more than just a pretty face; she has travelled extensively to remote parts of the world including Afghanistan, she writes for a number of publications such as The Telegraph, The Times, The Independent, Travel Africa and Wanderlust and had a regular column in the Saturday Telegraph about her farm, she is also the second woman to ever be appointed as President of the RSPB.

The picturesque farm is set in the rolling countryside of Monmouth, in the Wye Valley; rescued by Kate and her Husband Ludo it is now a hub to showcase rural skills, cookery and learning through workshops.  The farm promotes sustainability, and new green technology, such as the aquaponics solar greenhouse, an edible garden and a farm shop selling all its goods; there is even a gourmet cafe so that you can treat your taste buds.

You can visit the Kate’s Humble by Nature website by clicking here

Tatu Pictures is honoured to be making a promotional film for Kate and Ludo.

Watch this space

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