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Tragically Cracked Pepper

Devastating tragic news

Following the recent worldwide success of the stop motion animation short film entitled Salt and Pepper, Pepper was found dead in his home.

“The rise to fame is just too much for some” says Salt, who also acted in the film.

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Salt and Pepper’s last embrace

The film is centred on the gay couple who work as housing for common condiments; living in the kitchen of Tatu Pictures Ltd Company Directors, Raquel Toniolo and Craig Morris.  “We have always believed in equality, and our kitchen is no different”, says Craig.  The Cardiff filmmakers were “proper gutted” over the news.

In the film, the same sex couple are separated from each other.  Salt’s character is the stronger one of the two; using bravery and cunning, Salt devises a plan to get back into the arms of his lover, Pepper, which is so perilous that it could have ended his life.

In a twist of Irony, Pepper plays more of a worrier in this film; in reality the roles are reversed according to the interview we had with Pepper during production, “Salt is a born worrier, though he hides it well behind those delicious deep soulful eyes.  I was blessed with a mouth which allows me to be more flexible with my emotions on camera.  It seemed only right that I played the character who does the worrying.”

Even though in reality Salt suffers with anxiety, he refused to have a stunt double for the epic production and insisted he would do all of his own stunts.  Pepper is quoted to say “I love that guy, I’m so proud of him…”

Tatu pictures Ltd: Salt in his role for the film
Salt prepares for his big scene

Salt became a sensation over night for his heroic portrayal of his character.  He has been to anxiety meetings up and down the UK, giving encouraging talks.  He has even founded a charity called, Left Shoulder, for anxiety sufferers.  When interviewed Salt told us “I just wanted to give back, if I can do it so can anyone, if I can inspire just one other, then my job is done.” When we asked about how he came up with the name he told us “The name came to me based on the superstition that if you spill salt you should throw it over your left shoulder to undo any bad luck.”  Not surprisingly, Salt was also working on a book deal.  His rise to fame happened over night; that is until the unthinkable happened.

Elation soon turned to tragedy.  Our sources tell us that Pepper, although proud of his partner Salt, started slipping into depression.  The couple were always seen together, they were very close, but recently with all of the demands of fame and the charity, Salt was away from home a lot.  We are told by their neighbours, Miss Washup Bristle-Brush and Mr Potato Scrubber, “Pepper just kind of…well, he kind of Cracked!”

The police are not treating Peppers death as suspicious.

Actor Salt looking for another lover
Salt looking for new love

Salt tells us that he has spent enough time in mourning and is now looking for a new partner to share his life with.  “Pepper was a brave misunderstood soul, he helped me be the man I am today; he too beautiful for this harsh unfair world.  I will never forget him, I love him”  “I know, wherever he is, he would not want me to sit around moping, he would want me to find another to share life with.”

Raquel has told us that “Salt is still doing a good job of housing our flavour enhancer; We Brazilians are very much into our condiments.  Salt does a wonderful job, though you can tell, every now and again, that he is hiding his sadness for his loss, as the grains get stuck in his damp eyes.”

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Craig Morris

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