Tatu Pictures Ltd Company Directors Raquel and Craig, beam over new office and TV commission

Too excited to contain ourselves any longer!

We have been teasing for a while now about some epic news … Well the wait is finally over … Are you sat down?

Tatu has officially won its first commission for broadcast!  Our rather brilliant ‘Amazon Queen’, Raquel Toniolo, constantly comes up with great stories that have to be told (actually you can never switch her off!); she pitched one of these idea’s and the broadcasters, naturally, loved it!  Not bad considering we are not even a year old!

With that in mind we are on a crazy fast rollercoaster ride; so our next bit of news is that we have a new base!

Tatu Pictures Ltd, Company Director, Raquel Toniolo, enjoying new office suite
Company Director, Raquel Toniolo, enjoying the new office

Tatu’s new HQ is down Cardiff Bay.  Tatu Pictures Ltd, Suite 27a, Enterprise House, 127-129 Bute Street, Cardiff, CF10 5LE

This is the reason you have probably not heard from us in a while; we have been so caught up with this commission and the office, we have not had much time for anything else!

It’s the strangest feeling, our baby is growing up.  Raquel and I brought Tatu Pictures Ltd into this world officially on 17th July, 2014.  As I explained in the last post, we have nurtured Tatu and helped it grow, much as you would a child.  But recently we are noticing a sad revelation that every parent secretly dreads… Our baby is grown up.

During Tatu’s infancy there is a lot that you learn as you go along.  People from all walks of life feel the need to dispel wisdom on how  you should raise your child; some will charge, some will not, but ultimately you discover things for yourself and quickly realise there is no set way of bringing up your business.

Front of Tatu's new home, Enterprise House, Cardiff Bay
Building Front of Tatu’s new home

Though now things are changing; Tatu is no longer a baby, it’s turned into a rebellious teenager.  Tatu wants its chains cut and wants to head off into the world.  It is a sad fact to admit that Tatu is no longer ‘Ours’, even though we know, as a limited company, Tatu was never ‘ours’ to begin with, it certainly felt like it.

Like most parents, we believe that no-one can do a better job than us.  We have been there from the start, changing nappies, nursing tantrums, getting no sleep or free time, dedicating our lives to it, but now we can feel Tatu screaming at us and with just cause; we are holding it back.  There comes a time when every parent must let go and allow their protégé to spread its wings… that time has come.

This broadcast commission is giving Tatu the reason it needs to break free of us, to explore new horizons, to evolve, develop and grow; and although we are scared of what lays ahead, we, as parents, can only do our very best to direct Tatu into making wise decisions, to pick and choose what risks to take and to fight tooth and nail for Tatu’s survival.  This commission means we have to share the burden with others who can give Tatu what it needs.

Company Director Craig exploring tatu's new HQ
Company Director Craig exploring tatu’s new HQ

Even though there have been numerous disappointments during this transitional period, such as no longer being able to move into the office on Cathedral Road, we must educate ourselves to roll with these blows and learn and move on from them.

Ultimately, Tatu Pictures Ltd has got some loving parents who will always be there, but now also has other people on board, who believe in Tatu and want to see ‘Our baby’ become a huge success.

The Tatu is most definitely rolling; so expect lots of updates as the office turns into our HQ.

Tatu Pictures Ltd would like to thank our Business Mentors at Business In Focus not only for allowing us to rent our new HQ from them, but also because they who have been there ever since Tatu was a twinkle in our eyes.


Pictures of Craig Morris, Company Director Tatu Pictures Ltd


Craig Morris

Company Director – Tatu Pictures Ltd


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