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Cheers - Jamie OwenOur Final film of the year…BBC_Cymru_Wales_logo.svg

We have just about managed to sneak in another film before the end of the year, with only 7 weeks in total to make it, not bad eh?

Do I Drink Too Much? sees presenter Jamie Owen re-evaluating his relationship with alcohol.  Like most of us, in his youth he could be found a lot of the time down the pub, but these days he drinks moderately at home.  Through his own journey, he explores the long standing and often stormy relationship we Welsh have with this demon drink, that will resonate with many of us.  Jamie puts himself on the line again to find out exactly what is going on in our bodies, what the current health advice is and discover once and for all – how much is too much? From examinations with leading experts to using cutting edge technology and science to rewire the brain, Jamie reveals the truths behind alcohol that none of us want to acknowledge.Jamie Owen getting his liver tested

Do I Drink Too Much? Will be aired on Thursday 15th December, 10:40pm, 2016 on BBC 1 Wales.

If you don’t live in Wales and cannot wait for it to come out on iplayer shortly after it broadcasts, there may be hope:

  • SKY channel 978
  • VIRGIN channel 864
  • FREESAT channel 964

We have had a tremendous amount of fun and conflict here at Tatu, and much like our last film about the low carb diet, we are torn.  None of us here are big drinkers, more like social drinkers, but after discovering and seeing what we have on this journey, it is hard to unsee what has been seen, hard to unknow what has been learnt…
Jamie OwenOnce again, through our dynamic team and friends of Tatu, we have managed to pull an entertaining yet informative film out of the hat.  Thanks to:

  • Raquel ‘Ooo..Is it wrong I fancy a glass of wine?’ Toniolo
  • Craig ‘White Russians all round!’ Morris
  • Matt ‘Prosecco isn’t bad is it?’ Harrisson
  • Gary ‘Oh…go on then…a White Russian please’ Mulock
  • Jeanette ‘I’ll just have a cheeky glass…’ Ward
  • Hannah ‘None for me thanks…’ Gosney
  • Harry ‘I can’t, I’m filming…’ Pill
  • Tim ‘I love drinking I do’ Wreford
  • Andy ‘Yeah, I can flip a bottle or two…’ Kitchen

Tatu Filming on location with Jamie OwenWe would also like to thank everyone who got involved in creating this documentary, you know who you are…

And finally, to the ever charming, hands on presenter, Jamie Owen, for being the guinea pig…

We hope you enjoy the film.

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