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The (Amazon) Queen’s Speech

Tatu Pictures is privileged to announce that our ‘Amazon Queen’, Raquel Toniolo, has been invited to give a talk on international filming for the latest Push Auto event.

As you are probably aware, Raquel has taken expeditions filming into some of the most inhospitable places on this planet; from the barren coldness of the Gobi Desert to the remote islands of Micronesia, but she is mainly hailed for her expeditions into the Amazon Rainforest.  She has been there no less than 17 times, often been greeted by Anacondas and some extremely disgruntled natives, it is a marvel that she has survived any of her adventures, still her stories are a constant source of entertainment around the office.  You may have seen some of her work on TV, including the most recent – David Beckham Into the Unknown (BBC 1), Flintoff’s Road to Nowhere (SKY 1), Amazon with Bruce Parry (BBC 2) to name but a few.

Push Auto is an ever growing vibrant new network of people who work in the broadcasting industry.  Every two months there is a meeting within a location in Cardiff, tickets are free though limited.  Its a wonderful chance to meet like-minded individuals over a drink.  There are inspirational talks from guest speakers at every event, that can enlighten, help and entertain.  Its a friendly welcoming event for creative minds and a chance to meet on an even plain.

You can find more information about Push Auto on their website, or through their social media Facebook or Twitter.

Well done and good luck Raquel, Break a leg 😉

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