The original transmission card advertising episode 1

Tatu’s first documentary series broadcast on BBC

The original transmission card advertising episode 1That’s right you heard us, Tatu Pictures hit the big time and landed a BBC Wales/BBC 2 Network TV commission back in the summer of last year.

BBC Wales logoKate Humble: My Welsh Sheepdog’s Tale is a 3 part  documentary series that took us the best part of a year to make, and was recently aired on BBC1 Wales, not only that, there will be a one off, 1 hour version, coming to BBC2 Network later this year.

The series follows Kate Humble and her rising star of a sheepdog Teg on their personal journey.  Teg is part of the relatively unknown, ancient type of Welsh Sheepdogs.  These herding dogs faced extinction as 20 years ago there were only 80 of them left, there are now over 2000.   Through farmers, historians and DNA science, the film unlocks the origins of their unique working style, along with the reason the breed doesn’t have a uniformed look.  Teg and Kate face many challenges, including a hill gather on Welsh mountains, an assessment to judge how Welsh Teg is given that she is more pet than worker and faced with the dilemma of whether to breed from Teg, in order to help the breed thrive.

We are very proud of our first series which has been warmly received.  They say the best way to learn is to do, and that is certainly what we have done.  It has been an epic journey for us and we look forward to creating the next documentary series.

Transmission card for episode 3, Kate Humble: My welsh Sheepdogs TaleTatu would like to thank everyone who helped us on this journey to make these beautiful films a reality – You know who you are…

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