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Tatu supports creative future

For those who don’t know, we here at Tatu Pictures endeavor to give opportunities to new blood.  We know how difficult it is to get a foot in the door in the creative industry, so where ever we can, we will take on new faces.  We nurture and pass on our knowledge, give them responsibilities and work experience with ‘real’ clients.

What do we get out of it?  We learn from them as much as they learn from us.  With this ever increasing digital world, it can be hard to stay up-to-date with new technologies and ideas; by taking on young faces, we are able to keep our fingers on the pulse.  These faces will one day be running the creative industry; it is imperative they get all the experience they can so that they are better armed to make informed decisions in the future.

Meet Mr Western; a bright, ever enthusiastic, positive chap who is always ready to get involved…

“My name is Connor Western, I’m 19 years old and I study Foundation Degree Creative Film and Media at the University of South Wales.

My dream since I was seven years old is to be a wildlife cameraman, and to travel the world filming all sorts of animals and insects.

The journey along that path requires a lot of experience within the Film and Media industry and so from the age of 16 I have been getting familiar with this journey from college to university and started off with little to no knowledge or experience with anything revolved around media.

Since meeting Craig from Tatu Pictures last summer I have been given countless opportunities (which I have taken every time) to show my skills with the company’s projects, whether it’s recording sound, filming cutaways or taking production stills.

The most recent project that Tatu involved me in was helping The Wave: Bristol with their crowdfunding film, which I recorded sound for – and no surprise it has become a very successful video. These jobs have helped a tremendous amount, it’s given me the opportunity to learn from experienced people in the media industry and has helped my confidence in being able to say that I can take the responsibility of these roles and deliver the best results, it has also given me the opportunity to meet some great people and of course some great friends!

Thanks to Tatu Pictures, I now have the experience to take on jobs and to hopefully someday create a name for myself. I am very grateful for all their opportunities they have offered me and hope to be working with them as much as possible.

It’s inspiring to meet the members of Tatu as it is a great example of how someone with the passion for film can take the journey through university and come out to create a very successful film company that has gone to great places and created some kick-ass films!”

You can find work created by Connor on his Flickr and YouTube channels.  If you are interested in Connor and his work, you can email him directly Connorwestern1995@gmail.com

We predict great things for Connor, so come on National Geographic and BBC’s Natural History Unit, get in touch with him…

So remember, when you work with Tatu Pictures, you are not only getting a film that will bring your visions to life, but you are also helping out creative newcomers find their place in the creative world whilst keeping Tatu fresh.

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