Tatu Pictures Flat Holm Island Warden Stewart Grey

Tatu Pictures receives a glowing testimonial from Flat Holm Island

Cardiff production company Tatu Pictures received a wonderful testimonial from Flat Holm Island’s Warden, Stewart Gray, commending the filmmaking duo:

I would like to thank both Craig and Raquel along with the Production Crew for creating a superb short film of Flat Holm Island.

I was most impressed with how your film managed to capture the essence of the Island in pictures and also be informative enough to relay a brief history and also showing what the Island has to offer today.

The days filming went extremely smooth considering you were filming people unfamiliar with being in front of the camera.
You had worked out a filming schedule that enabled everyone involved to know exactly their role and what was expected of them.

I would certainly recommend Tatu Pictures to anyone considering taking on a similar project or something on a larger scale.

Stewart Gray
Flat Holm Warden

Click here to see the Flat Holm Island Promotional film

Tatu Pictures would like to thank the Flat Holm Crew, Stewart Gray (Warden), Bob Pew (Volunteer) and John Treby (Volunteer), also Ali Yassine from Cardiff Film Unit and finally Natalie Taylor from Cardiff City Council.  We thank you all for your support in making this film happen, despite the Welsh weather conditions…

Lets hope it entices new visitors to this beautiful island.


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