Woman surfing The Wave Bristol logo

Tatu Pictures Makes Waves

Tatu Pictures has been lucky enough to be commissioned to create a crowdfunding film for The Wave Bristol.

The Wave is the brain child of Nick Hounsfield, who is a health care professional and very keen surfer.  The project will offer perfect wave after perfect wave, on an eco-friendly lake just outside of Bristol.  An hour on this lake will be like eight in the sea, which means no more hanging around for your ride.  This project has the potential to turn surfing into an Olympic sport, by making it accessible to everyone.

But The Wave is not going to just be about surfing either; with a variety of workshops, edible garden, aquaponics, swimming lake, welcomed wildlife, campsite, accommodation and a café/restaurant, whilst encompassing sustainability and the environment; it seems there will be something for everyone

Tatu Pictures is proud to be a big part of this exciting project and hope to follow them through to completion.

If you want to get involved in the crowdfunding campaign, we will let you know when it goes live, so watch this space and their social media.

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