Picture of Tatu pictures Raquel Toniolo and Kate Humble

Tatu Pictures hobnobbing with celebs

Tatu Pictures never rests!  What a weekend!

Seems that all that wishing, hoping and praying for good weather paid off!  We headed to Monmouth, to visit Kate Humble on her farm, Humble by Nature.

The weather at 7am on Sunday was not looking too good, but our filmmaking duo Raquel and Craig went regardless… After a few bouts of schizophrenia, the weather finally eased into just quickly throwing various shaped clouds at the sun and occasionally missing, which gave pockets of time with just lovely blue sky and sun.  The Autumn wind whipped and stung the duo’s faces, but like true professionals they just laughed it off.

The animals seemed to remember them and came to pose for the camera, Craig explained to them that they were not there to film them this time, they seemed a little disappointed but understood that time was precious and there was other shots that were needed for the film.

Raquel managed to befriend a Ram that seemed blinded by his swirling horns which covered his eyes.

Kate took us to her special place to meet the majestic Old Man Oak.  This is the largest tree we have seen in the UK for a good long while, he deserved a hug and to be featured in the film.

Kate has a new gourmet cafe and farm shop on the site; it seemed only right that Tatu Pictures sampled some of the goods.  So as not to alarm anyone, an announcement was made to everyone eating there, that Tatu Pictures is making a promotional film for the Humble by Nature website.  Tatu would like to thank everyone for their cooperation, as no one seemed to mind being filmed (except for one visitor who was sneakily taking a break from work; he made a prompt exit).  As always, our charismatic and charming Craig made friends with the lovely older dears, who were enjoying their coffee (and flirting with Craig); they were only too happy to be on camera.

Raquel and Craig got to witness a cider making workshop, though they were unable to sample any due to professionalism.

Tatu Pictures would like to take this opportunity to thank Kate Humble and her hubby Ludo Graham and we look forward to our next visit …

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