Tatu Pictures Ltd Happy New Year

Tatu is back and thirsty for more…

Happy New Year!

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!

Feliz Ano Novo!

Did you miss us?

We had a fantastic year, and we only opened in the Summer!

Just before the close of 2014, the crowdfunding film we made for our ambitious clients The Wave: Bristol helped raise £219,473 in 30 days, for their incredible project; this was an amazing achievement as their target was £150,000.  The film we created was viewed an immense total of 39,300 times!  The project quickly took off, raising over £25,000 in its first hour! The BBC, ITV, The Guardian, Independent and various other media helped spread the word.  Tatu Pictures looks forward to working with our new friends at The Wave: Bristol as they start bringing their vision to life over the coming months.

2015 will be an epic year for us here at Tatu; we have huge plans and cannot wait to get them underway…

Kicking us off will be the grand opening of the short promotional film we created for TV celebrity Kate Humble; Humble By Nature is a working farm, rescued by Kate and her husband Ludo.  The date of the launch is still being discussed but rest assured, we will let you know.

Tatu has many other exciting projects, some simmering, some on the boil.

So all we can say is, “Watch this space…”

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