Tatu Pictures with The Challenge charity - Climate Change Event

Tatu helping to avert global catastrophe

Last weekend, Tatu Pictures’ very own Raquel Toniolo and Craig Morris crossed the borders into Ealing, London.

A charity named The Challenge – West London, were running an event on Climate Change for a large group of young adults.  The event was designed to engage our future country runners, and show them the effects Climate Change has and what can be done to safeguard our future.

Tatu were invited because of our very own ‘Amazon Queen’, Raquel.  Raquel has spent the best part of her life in the TV industry, mainly working on films centred around her favorite place (except Wales) the Amazon Rainforest.  She has worked with and taken the likes of David Beckham, Freddie Flintoff and Bruce Parry (to name but a few), on expeditions through this dangerous region; her goal has always been to inspire, educate and entertain the audience.  Through film she has been able to spread the message of the earth’s depleting rainforest to millions of viewers.  Raquel believes, that now more than ever, because of social media, film can be a powerful tool to fight for change; this is one of her great passions, so when The Challenge asked Tatu if we would like to run a workshop at the event, Raquel squealed with delight.

Armed with her powerpoint presentation, her sexy assistant Craig and student extraordinaire Connor Western, she drove to London.  200 bodies were split into 5 groups, and throughout a 3 hour period, the groups rotated around 5 workshops, all focused on Climate Change.  Tatu’s workshop started with an ice breaker, then some interactive conversations, facts about the Amazon and about how media can change the world, and finishing off with elected students being interviewed on camera, explaining their thoughts on Climate Change.  We here at Tatu Pictures are kindly creating a short film, about the whole day event for the charity.

Raquel and Craig tell us that they had an amazing experience.  “It is great to be able to give back, to inspire the next generation, to enthuse them about issues they will have to face” says Raquel.  Once again, Tatu find itself swelling with pride.

We would like to thank all the organisers of the event, especially Aafreen Kutub (Program Associate) for giving us this amazing opportunity.

We also wish to thank the ever enthusiastic and charming Connor Western for filming.


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