Humble by Nature

Tatu goes rural

Tatu Pictures has been working hard these past few months on various projects; but most recently our lovely client, Kate Humble, has launched the film we have been developing to promote her working farm, Humble By Nature.

Click here to see the film on their website.

For those of you who have been hiding in caves, Kate Humble has become a household name in the UK for presenting on TV programmes such as Springwatch, Lambing LiveWild Shepherdess and most recently Into the Volcano; her passion is for wildlife and environmental issues.

Kate and her husband Ludo rescued a farm in the picturesque rolling countryside of Monmouth, in the Wye Valley; it is still a working farm, but also now a hub to showcase rural skills, cookery and learning through workshops.  They named the farm Humble By Nature which promotes sustainability and new green technology, such as the aquaponics solar greenhouse, an edible garden and a farm shop selling all its goods; there is even a gourmet cafe so that you can treat your taste buds.  You can also get away from it all and stay in one of three accommodations available.

If you would like a wonderful day out in the countryside, meet like-minded people and friendly animals, have homemade cake and a cuppa or even a delicious meal then Humble By Nature welcomes visits by the public; and we strongly recommend you do, you can find out more information by visiting their website.

Tatu Pictures would like to take this opportunity to thank Kate Humble and Ludo Graham for their hospitality and for placing their trust in us to make this film.  We want to also thank the helpful staff at Humble By Nature and all the visitors to the farm who were happy to be on camera to help make this beautiful film a successful way to promote this amazing space.

We hope to come back and visit again soon…


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