Jamie Owen Cold cuts on diet

Tatu Chews the Fat

Jamie Owen Cold cuts on dietWell we have done it again, another production in the can.

BBC_Cymru_Wales_logo.svgFat v Carbs with Jamie Owen will be aired on Monday 3rd October, 8:30 pm, 2016 on BBC One Wales (though if you are not living in Wales you can find it on SKY ch 978, Virgin ch 864 and Freesat ch 964.  It will also be available on BBC iplayer shortly after broadcast)

With only 6 weeks to make this half hour film centred around the Low Carb High Fat diet; our presenter, Jamie Owen, put himself and his belly through the diet whilst investigating the controversy surrounding it.  The diet appears to go against everything we have ever been taught about what is healthy over the past three decades.

Team TatuIt has been a whirlwind, roller coaster of a ride that truly showed us all here at Tatu what can be achieved when we pool our resources and help each other out.  We are truly proud of all of our crew:

  • Matt ‘Foreground’ Hazardous
  • Jeanette ‘Angharad’ Ward
  • Hannah ‘It’ll be fine..’ Way
  • Gary ‘absorbs everything’ Mulock
  • Paul ‘Hyperlapse’ Marke
  • Raquel ‘You guys are amazing’ Toniolo
  • Craig ‘I’ll pull an all nighter’ Morris

We at Tatu would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in creating this current affairs documentary.

Tatu Selfie with Jamie OwenOur Executive Producers:

Martin Ingram (Wales & Co) and Tim Green (BBC Wales)

Our Contributors (in no particular order):

Professor Nadim Haboubi, Dr Marina Arulanandam, Zoe Harcombe, Professor David Miller, Samuel Feltham, Dr Amanda Squires, Dr Aseem Malhotra, Doctor Angharad Powell, Mark Gregory, Jonathan Williams, Paul Hinwood and Catherine Johnson

and finally to the man of the moment, our charming, good sport, mucking in, presenter, Jamie Owen

We hope you all enjoy the filmTransmission card

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