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Some Secrets Revealed

We realise that we have been very quiet and secretive here at Tatu of late; but trust us it’s all for a good reason.  Sadly, we cannot give you all the information until we have crossed all of the i’s and dotted all of the t’s; so for the now, let’s just say that we are expanding the business.

Tatu Pictures Ltd company director proud of new office in Cardiff
Company Director, Raquel Toniolo, proud of our new HQ

The honest truth about running your own business

Much like having a child; running a business, though incredibly rewarding, is flipping scary at the best of times; no matter how much planning you do, ultimately you need to just throw yourself in and learn as you go along.  The first thing that happens is everyone giving opinions and advice, even when you don’t ask; this advice contradicts and conflicts with what the last person told you, so you quickly discover that there is no set rule, just a bunch of guidelines and the the rest you just have to Forest Gump your way through.  At first, your baby, totally dominates your world, it creeps seamlessly into every conversation and seeps into every waking thought.  Your hours of work go crazy and you find that your social life takes a nose dive; you may even find that you misplace hours of your life, often forgetting to eat or even sleep.  You are overworked, underpaid (if at all) and achieve a whole new level of tiredness.  This caffeine fuelled pace is not healthy, but you keep going; you are passionate about what you do, so of course you get absorbed in it.  There is the constant stress and worry over money from keeping business afloat to paying home bills, you pump all life savings, and anyone else’s you managed to blag cash from, into it.  All of your energy is diverted into it.  Then comes worry of making sure you do everything correctly and above board for the HMRC, which means a mountain of paperwork and answering questions filled with legal jargon that has come straight out of a bad 80’s Sci-Fi movie; and just you wait till you have to start doing your own accounts and payroll…

So why do we do it?

Tatu Pictures Ltd new HQ, Double bay windows
Double bay windows make the office bright and airy

There are, of course many bonuses to putting yourself through all of this, though they are usually so minute that others will never notice or ever understand, unless they build something from nothing too.  These little moments of joy often give you the biggest buzz because they are all down to you; little things like nailing your logo design, achieving your own email account with your company and your name on it, getting your website up and running, registering your limited company and getting a number, opening a business bank account and receiving your debit card, having your first phone call or email enquiry, negotiating prices and winning, gaining your first client, drawing up a contract, delivering your service, getting amazing feedback from customers so happy with your work that they cry, receiving your first payment for your services, buying equipment on company account, creating business accounts in shops, negotiating discounts and deals, showcasing your services at networking events, your company name becoming known, generating more clients, having a new client based on word of mouth, customers writing amazing reviews, getting your business finally listed on Google Business, having the actual real need for a diary to manage your time, paying yourself your first salary, paying home bills with money you earned from your business and so on…

So what is the future for Tatu?

Tatu Pictures Ltd, Cardiff Production company, second office for editing
This second office will make a perfect editing suite

Tatu Pictures Ltd has hit the next milestone, we are expanding and in need of new offices.  This is crazy scary and stupidly exciting in equal measure.  The hunt in itself was exciting; we got to see some incredible buildings in Cardiff which we desperately would like to move into, though the reality is that these places are more along the lines of where we would aspire to be someday.  As company directors, it was difficult but imperative that we ignore what we personally felt about each place we visited and concentrate on what would be good for the company.  We have been searching the four corners of Cardiff for an appropriate office to be Tatu Pictures new HQ, and after heavy hearts and much debate (also long conversations with insurance brokers), we have chosen No.17 Cathedral Road in Cardiff.  Tatu will be moving in on 15th June, so over the coming weeks and months, expect to see updates on social media as we design and rearrange our new office.

Picture of Raquel Toniolo and Craig Morris in Tatu Pictures Ltd new HQOpening a business is not easy, you have to be able to make decisions and take risks and also be able to deal with the consequences be they good, bad or upsetting.  Though it is a rollercoaster ride, you will ultimately feel proud of what you have achieved and learnt, you have concocted a living thing from nothing, you must nurture it, teach it, learn from it, grow with it and ultimately, whenever you can, have fun with it.  The hardest thing of all to do, is to just stop for a second, look around and admire what you have created… That was all you.

A hugely sincere thank you to our followers, sharers and likers, you have been there with us all the way, believing in us, spurring us on.

The Tatu is rolling, come along for the ride…


Pictures of Craig Morris, Company Director Tatu Pictures Ltd


Craig Morris

Company Director – Tatu Pictures Ltd

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