Picture of Kate and Teg hugging

Humbly Overwhelmed!

Picture of Kate and Teg huggingYou may be aware that last night Tatu spread its wings; our debut into National TV!  Kate Humble: My Sheepdog and Meour one off, 1 hour, documentary went out on air on BBC Two at 9pm.

Quite simply, we were bowled over with the media coverage leading up to this epic event.  Our programme quite literally dominated the TV papers both in print and online with around 32 recommendations for the ‘pick of the week’.  The delightful Kate Humble kindly did a few interviews for various newspapers and magazines, went on ITV’s Lorraine show and finally went on Talk Radio for a good chinwag about the show.

Kate Humble tweeted picture of Hubby Ludo and Teg watching our film

But what really overwhelmed us here at Tatu was all the support on social media, especially on Twitter.  Unwittingly, Kate posted some lovely pictures of the star of the show, Teg and her husband Ludo watching the programme, and it started a trend.

People started tweeting photos of their dogs watching the documentary as well as a whirlwind of well wishers praising both Teg and Kate.

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It’s been a hell of a rollercoaster for us at Tatu, as when we set out on this journey with Kate and Teg, we literally had no idea what the outcome would be.  We didn’t know Teg needed to prove her heritage, we had no idea if we would find her grandparents, then there was the waiting for Teg to come into heat, as she was over months late, then the obvious problems of whether she would become pregnant or not and when she finally did, then come the fears that every mother has… But we feel that is what made the programme so engaging, the not knowing what would happen next, and we would not have changed a single moment.

Kate Humble posted picture of Teg barking at sheep

All that remains to be said now is a huge thank you to Teg, for letting us film her (eventually – flipping divas) and to Kate for allowing us a glimpse into her home life and not forgetting the ever sceptical husband, Ludo, who got roped into the film.

Other thank yous go out to each and every person and Welsh Sheepdog we met along the way, for all the tea and homemade cake (which made the production crew very happy), and to the Welsh Sheepdog Society for all their knowledge, time and for the disruptions we caused to their normal schedule.


Before we go, please enjoy some of our favourite tweets people have sent to Kate and Teg about the programme 😀




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