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Penblwydd Hapus Tatu

Yeah … We can hardly believe it ourselves!  We are exactly 1 year old today and what a crazy mad arsed year it’s been eh?

Tatu has gone from strength to strength, and now, just before the end of its first year, we are out on a production shoot for television as you read this… So we’re afraid you will have to celebrate on our behalf for the now, though we would hope we will have a few drinkies on our return…

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all our family, friends, clients, likers and sharers for believing in and following us.

We asked Raquel what she has learned over this past year

“Phew! That’s a question… Where to begin? Never give up on your dream, and when you achieve your dream, find another and another… No matter how hard or stressful everything seems, in a day or two’s time, it will have passed and the next challenge comes along; Success can only be defined by yourself and your standards.”

Craig was kind enough to give us a few words too

“Run away! Get out now while you still can! [he laughs] Ha! We are constantly learning and evolving every day, that’s what makes it so flippin’ scary and exciting, what more could you ask?  Just hope my ticker holds out!”

So apart from Craig’s moustache growing more unruly and Raquel becoming more beautiful as the days pass, what have we been up to?

We are proud to say that in our first year of existence, we have:

  • Got a TV series commissioned which we are currently in production
  • Made 19 films
  • Created work for 7 freelancers
  • Continue to Inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs and creatives, by giving talks and mentoring
  • Met some incredible people willing to share their stories
  • Had an awful lot of fun
  • … and our best achievement – knocking the pop band, with the same name, off the no.1 spot on google search! – try it – Go to google now and type “Tatu Pictures”, we are no.1!!!

So to round it off, here are a few pictures to remind you of all the fun we have had this year, and to let you know that year two will be even better!

Tatu Pictures company director Craig Morris Graduation




Picture of Tatu pictures Raquel Toniolo and Kate Humble


Future Entrepreneur Awards 2014

Photo of Tatu Pictures Raquel Toniolo delivering her talk
Raquel Toniolo amusing and inspiring with her talk on International Filming

Picture from horror production shoot Tatu pictures

Tatu Pictures at The Wave Bristol Launch Party



Tatu Pictures with The Challenge charity - Climate Change Event



Company director raquel toniolo helping on stop motion animation shoot

Tatu Pictures Crowdfunding Shoot for The Wave Bristol

Tatu Pictures Ltd Company Directors Raquel and Craig, beam over new office and TV commission


Tatu Pictures Ltd Craig Morris CAVC filmmaker award

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