Kate Humbled by the Welsh in upcoming documentary series

We know we have been off the radar for a while, but trust us when we say it was for a good reason.  Our latest documentary series begins airing on a TV near you, Friday the 1st December, at 8:30pm, on BBC1 Wales.

Production still of Kate Humble and TegThe series stars the most adorable dog we have ever come across, Teg, the Welsh Sheepdog, and her travelling companion Kate Humble…

Kate Humble: Off the Beaten Track sees Kate, and her dog, travel from the very tip of North Wales, through the remotest areas in the country, to the South coast.  The duo explores how the dramatic landscapes shape the people who live and thrive on it, and how the people in these rural communities survive modern living in these isolated pockets.

On top of Cadir Idris“Why am I travelling to these far flung, remote parts of the world, to experience life in these rural communities, when I have all of that, right on my doorstep”

– Kate Humble

This four-part series shows the slices of Wales you never normally see, in all their natural glory, with no holds barred; from the crazy weather conditions to some of the most spectacular landscapes this world has to offer.

Production still of Kate and Teg with Will Evans driving cattle up Cadir IdrisJoin Kate and Teg as they lose cattle on a drive up the mountain, naked swim in an ice cold lake, experience the harsh reality of living off the grid, witness the very probable death of an ancient Welsh tradition, have a go at playing Ben-Hur, find the best spot for looking up on a clear night and uncover how much a farmer gets per sheep at one of the last traditional sheep marts in the country.

Of course, Tatu would not have been able to bring this series to you without the contribution and help of the wonderful people who appear in the films, so a huge thanks to every one of you.  We would also like to thank the tireless efforts of the Tatu family who went above and beyond in some of the most challenging conditions:

  • Production still of the Tatu Pictures crew on locationTeg “I’m ready for my close-up now” Humble
  • Kate “You have turned my dog into a bloody celebrity” Humble
  • Raquel “How hard is it to find a decent coffee…” Toniolo-Morris
  • Craig “I don’t care if its sunny, I don’t trust it, I’m wearing waterproofs” Toniolo-Morris
  • Hannah “Everything will be fine…” Gosney
  • Jeanette “Why is my computer doing that?” Ward
  • Gary “Did someone say chocolate biscuits?” Mulock
  • Cheryl “I got flipping Highland Cattle!” Ingrid Jones
  • Ross “It’s not cold, I’m wearing shorts” Birnie
  • Jody “I don’t need wellies…Oh…” Cusack
  • Connor “Where are the snacks hiding?” Western
  • Bethan “Sorry did you say something? I was playing with Teg…” Dalton

Kate Humble Off The Beaten Track

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