Tatu Christmas decoration

It’s been a wonderful year…

It’s come to that time again, where we reflect on the year as it ebbs away into the sands of time.

Caught in the rainA year in the making, from concept and development, to production and finally putting it all together, Kate Humble: Off the Beaten Track has kept us very busy.

The dog and her family we saved on the shootOur adventures allowed us to:

  • Enjoy the lovely Welsh weather
  • Save a dog and her family
  • Spend five days locked away in a room taking a photo every 10 minutes to create a timelapse of some mushrooms growing
  • Meet the most incredible characters that lift your heart

Timelapse of mushrooms growingNow, with its final episode being aired on BBC One Wales at 8:30pm this Friday 22nd December, it has been so successful that BBC Network has bought it too.  This means that the entire series will be played again in the new year on BBC 2, throughout the entire of the UK!

Tatu Crew at the woollen millThat was a lovely Christmas present.

Somewhere in the middle of filming this beautiful documentary series, our fearless leaders, Raquel and Craig, somehow found the time to get married.  They are so dedicated to their craft that they forwent their honeymoon to go on filming the series.

Craig and Raquel Steampunk themed weddingAs if this was not enough, they decided to move Tatu’s home.  They spent a long time getting the right look, and through the help of friends and YouTube, we are now sat in a beautifully decorated office that wows the eyes.

DIY in the new officeThrough the year, Tatu has generated work within the industry, nurturing fresh new talent through work experience placements and employing freelancers.  We believe there is amazing, talented individuals all on our doorstep here in Wales and we do everything we can to give them opportunities to excel within the film-making world.  By sharing our knowledge and skills with the new generation of filmmakers, Tatu hopes to continue to thrive and create programmes with heart, in the exciting but uncertain future of this ever changing digital landscape.  Xmas Tree Tatu OfficeWith all this in mind we have generated work for 18 people this year.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our workers, followers and fans and to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and we hope to see you all in the New Year.

We think that both Raquel and Craig have earned a well-deserved break.

BBC 2 Kate Humble: Off the Beaten Track

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