Tatu Pictures Ltd in Portmeirion

From Prisoner to Global Exploration

Producer/Director Raquel Toniolo awoke on Wednesday in unfamiliar surroundings.  She looked around and felt as though she had gone through some kind of time warp; surrounded by Italianesque architecture and surreal 70’s decor she spotted a letter addressed to her on the bedside table, the letter stated that she was no longer Raquel Toniolo, she was now a number…She was Number 6…

Of course, it’s not true, but anyone who has seen the cult TV show, The Prisoner, will understand.

Raquel went to Portmeirion for the International Markets Boot Camp 2014; here she represented Tatu Pictures Ltd, to learn how to take us to the next level; to learn how to take Tatu global for the inevitable world domination.

Raquel is a fan of The Prisoner and relished living in that world for a few days; she excitedly told us she even took the tour in the auto rickshaw, golf cart that was prominent in the series; she also finally uncovered the secrets behind the filming of the floating white ball named “Rover”.

Some of the ideas we have here at Tatu need international help to come to life; Raquel now has the knowledge and contacts after attending this mind blowing boot camp, to help Tatu move forward.

We are very proud and thankful to have her with us.

Tatu wishes to thank Skillset Cymru, K7 Media and all the incredible speakers.

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