Tatu Pictures Ltd Craig Morris on location at Humble by Nature

From Farm to Fork in 8 short films

It’s all systems go here at Tatu.

We are honoured to have been commissioned by Humble by Nature, to produce 8 short films, featuring their commitment to a sustainable future, through their fantastic integrated farming systems.

Driving through rolling hills from Cardiff to Monmouthshire is always a treat, especially when the sunshine is lighting the way.

Tatu Pictures Ltd Craig Morris filming at Humble by Nature FarmWe were filming at the farm last week and this week, and have been editing the projects in between.
This means long days and nights ahead, but being passionate about sustainability ourselves, it’s pure pleasure to be given the opportunity to get involved in these projects.

Aquaponics is a wonder, and Humble by Nature is rightly proud to have the first solar greenhouse of it’s kind in the UK, producing food in a super efficient way.

Our relationship with Humble by Nature is growing from strength to strength. From the success of their first promotional video (which we did), launched in January, resulting in a surge of new visitors to the farm, and now with a whole new series of short educational films in the making, we hope the impact of these new videos will shed even more light into what they are doing and encourage more initiatives like this around the world.

As a result of this new partnership between Tatu and Humble by Nature, we are proud to have been included on their ‘Friends of the Farm’ page.
You can check it out here: http://www.humblebynature.com/about-us/friends-of-the-farm

Humble by Nature is an inspiration to anyone who cares about the future of our planet. The way we live, produce our food and impact our environment, is in on our hands.

A special thank you goes to Kate Humble and her husband Ludo Graham, for their boundless energy and trusting Tatu Pictures with these films. We’d also like to thank the ‘Earth daughter’ Beca Bibby, the ‘Fish Man’ Eric Roderick and the ‘King of Aquaponics’ Charlie Price for sharing their knowledge with us on camera.

Stay tuned for updates on when the films will be released.

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