Picture from horror production shoot Tatu pictures

‘Bloody Signal’ – Short film – Goes Live on Wednesday!

Welcome to a new week of adventures and surprises …

So I am sure you have all heard that our filmmaking duo here at Tatu Pictures got up at 4.30am the other morning and filmed a short horror for your enjoyment.

Craig found the very creepy spot he chose for the film; the path behind Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff.  He went there the day before at 5.30am, to do some test shots and figure out how long it took for the sun to rise and see what kind of people traffic was around.  He explained to us that “it was proper scary, I was there alone (he looked at Raquel, who looked back with eyes that said she was sorry but that she was sleeping) while the world was sleeping.  Every sound amplifies and your mind tries to play tricks on you.  You sigh with relief as the sun rises”  That’s dedication!

So the following morning, after the talented Travis Booth-Millard (actor) and the ever enthusiastic Connor Western (production assistant and documentary photographer) turned up at 5.30am, the team set to work.  First off was to hook everyone up to the IV unit filled with coffee, whilst doing the make-up.  Everything had been meticulously planned, Raquel drove the crew to the location, they were on set for 6.45am on a rather wet morning.  The crew stayed jolly despite the early morning and the sheer eeriness of being there.

We are told by everyone involved, that they had a lot of fun, especially trying to make inanimate objects act…

We guess you will just have to wait for the film release, which is planned for Wednesday!

Our first short film is entitled Bloody Signal, it is our way of saying thanks to everyone for supporting Tatu Pictures Ltd, for sharing, following and liking us.

If we are honest, It was also a bit of fun to get the staff out of the office…

Production stills from the shoot can be seen here


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