Tatu Pictures Crowdfunding Shoot for The Wave Bristol

Behind the scenes of The Wave – Bristol crowdfunding shoot

Once again, another successful shoot, thanks to the meticulous planning of our filmmaking duo Raquel Toniolo and Craig Morris…

As you already know from our previous post, The Wave Bristol; Nick Hounsfield (Founder) and Vicky Fraser (Project Manager), have kindly commissioned us to make their crowdfunding film.

The Tatu Crew had the addition of Aerial Photographer Ross Birnie, who brought along his quad copter for some aerial filming; the neat toy had all the boys in awe.  We also took on a rising star in the filmmaking world, Connor Western; the ever enthusiastic student studying Cardiff and Vale College.

We are told that Nick was a star, he had learnt all of his lines and delivered them with precise ease every time (in truth, the outtakes are both entertaining and endearing). Vi turned her hand to production assistant, becoming a human wind breaker, gave encouragement to Nick and clapped the beginning of each scene. The weather not only held off long enough for the shoot, but the sun decided to come through just at the right time.

But here at Tatu we like to get the gossip, so we asked Raquel and Craig if there were any complications…

“We left Cardiff at 7.30am to get to Bristol nice and early, the weather websites told us that we had roughly a 3 hour window before the heavens would open and there would be water leakage! So of course, to mess up the plans, there was obviously going to be a chronic traffic jam… It took us 2 hours to get there!” says Craig

“There was a huge digger on the site, just parked; We started filming anyway.  An hour into the shoot, the drivers decided they wanted to move the digger to the adjacent field and park it there instead, causing continuity issues.  After Vi used her powers of persuasion on them, they moved it again… They then finally drove it away, which meant we were unable to film for 20 minutes as the sound these diggers make is very noticable in an open field” says Raquel

We are currently in post production, editing the film ready for the launch party.

Tatu gives its thanks to everyone involved…  Watch this space and The Wave Bristol social media for the updates on the film launch and the crowdfunding project.

You can find photos of the production, taken by Connor, by clicking here.

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