Adaline Jones, Secretary of The Welsh Sheepdog Society

Barking up the right tree…

I’m sure you are aware of Tatu Pictures continuing success, but we are also very aware of how we got here.

Picture of Eddie, a Welsh Sheepdog

Online promotional films can be an incredible way to reach out to people and spread the word; with that in mind, we wanted to do our little bit.
There are a pocket of people in Wales who are bringing a rare herding dog back from the brink of extinction (as featured in our BBC Documentary).  The Welsh Sheepdog Society have done the incredible, realising that there was less than 60 of these rare dogs left, they created a careful breeding program and now in just 20 years, their numbers are over 2000.

We at Tatu really wanted to help this unique working dog thrive once again, but as we are stuck in the office most of the time and do not have a farm with livestock, we could not justify having one of these dogs for ourselves (though it would have been very easy to pocket one of the puppies), so we decided to do what we do best and create a short promotional film for them.

View the film here


Adaline Jones, Secretary of The Welsh Sheepdog SocietyHere are some lovely words from Adaline Jones, the Secretary of the Welsh Sheepdog Society:

“Thanks so much to Raquel and Craig for the promotional video they made for the Welsh Sheepdog Society.  As a team they brought us experience, professionalism and a passion to ‘get it right’ and produce a film tailor made for us. Their friendliness and gentle humour made the whole process of filming a pleasure and we would recommend them to anybody wishing to advertise their business online.”

Tatu Pictures would like to take this opportunity to extend their thanks to Adeline and to everyone in the Welsh Sheepdog Society.

For more information on The Welsh Sheepdog, visit their site here.

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