Kate and Teg on the Beach

Back by popular demand…

After the hugely successful first series, presenter Kate Humble and her adorable Welsh Sheepdog, Teg, are back.

Kate Humble: Off the Beaten Track, Series 2, sees the dynamic duo, once again, exploring the lesser trodden areas of Wales, to discover how people live, work and play on some of the most stunning landscapes Wales has on offer. From digging a grave for a new resident in a natural burial ground in North Wales to starting a controlled burn to prevent wildfires spreading in the South Wales Valleys, there is something for everyone, in this revamped new series.

Kate and Teg on the Beach
Kate and Teg in North Wales

Our four part series begins airing on Friday 23rd August at 7:30pm on BBC1 Wales, then repeated on Sunday at 5:15pm

More information, clips and air dates can be found on the BBC programme webpage: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0007w2m


My Welsh Sheepdog and I are back on the road to discover how the empty corners of this country shape the lives of those who embrace it”

-Kate Humble


The series splits Wales into 4 parts, North, Mid, South and ending in the West; showcasing some of the most breathtaking landscapes and lovable characters ever captured on the screen (probably…maybe).

Kate climbing transmission tower in North Wales
Kate climbs Arfon transmission tower

Join Kate as she attempts to climb Arfon transmission tower – the tallest man-made structure in Wales – in a storm, to fix loose cables, or as she uncovers a living Neolithic stone-age village, or even as she joins a humane 13 mile cross country hunt.

Picture of Teg and Cave rescue team
Teg is rescued from a cave

Be amazed as Teg is volunteered to be rescued from a cave by the cave rescue crew who helped save those school boys in Thailand in 2018, or smile as she joins actors at a film academy specifically for animals.

As always, Tatu could not bring your eyes such wondrous delights without the support and contributions of all of the spectacular people who welcomed us with open arms (and tea & cake), so an epic thanks to every one of you, for allowing us to film with you. 

We would also like to thank the tireless efforts of the ever expanding Tatu family who always go above and beyond (in no particular order):

Picture of the crew in snow
Snow day for the Tatu Crew
  • Teg “Not now, I haven’t had my make-up” Humble
  • Kate “You have turned my dog into a diva” Humble
  • Raquel “It’s just a flesh wound” Toniolo
  • Craig “What? No cheesecake??!” Morris
  • Derwena “No I can’t, I’m on a diet” Burt
  • Ian “Ahhh…It’ll be fine” Durham
  • Jeanette “Should my computer be this hot??” Ward
  • Amy “Yum…Umm…Did it contain nuts?” Mills
  • Jake “I have just thought of a new series” Lang
  • Cheryl “Don’t touch my boom” Ingrid Jones
  • Geraint “Hang on, there’s a rustle…” Davies
  • Duncan “Mine’s a pint!” Fares
  • Phil “Where’s my drone?” Chappell
  • Diogo “No problem man!” Branco
  • Cherry “Everything is accounted for” Froude
Transmission Card

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