Picture of flier for the event

Away to the hinterland of Aberystwyth

Ever wondered what it’s like to lead an expedition into the unknown?

Following our Company Directors successes over the years, our very own ‘Amazon Queen’, Raquel Toniolo has been invited to do another talk to the keen minds of the Creative Industry’s future at Aberystwyth University.  Raquel will be talking along with Ed Thomas the creative director for the epic Welsh drama Hinterland.

Yes, Raquel will be giving insight into a world that most of us can only dream of, International Filming.  Raquel has taken a string of celebrities and crew on 17 filming expeditions into various parts of the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest, as well as numerous other remote, inhospitable locations around the globe, from the Gobi Desert to the tiny islands of Micronesia.

Forget Indiana Jones and Lara Croft, Raquel is the real deal; armed with stories and anecdotes that will amuse, bemuse, scare and enlighten, her talk promises to be very enjoyable experience.

Not only that; Raquel was also approached by the University of South Wales, to become a mentor to a few students of her choosing.  She will take them under her wing and nurture their talents, learning from them as much as they will learn from her.

As you know, Tatu Pictures prides itself on giving back where we can, so we are only too happy to loan her out…


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