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Raquel Toniolo

Producer / Director

After a successful career as a TV journalist, presenter and Anchor Woman in Brazil, Raquel sold every possession she had and moved to the UK in 2002 to pursue a career in Documentary filmmaking.

She worked as a news correspondent for a Brazilian 24hr News Channel, reporting from the UK until 2004, when she got her break working for the BBC Natural History Unit in Bristol.

producer/director Raquel Toniolo filming in WalesOver a decade later, Raquel’s name became synonymous with filming with tribes from around the globe, in some of the most difficult, hostile and remote locations this planet has to offer.

Producer/Director Raquel Toniolo with Kate HumbleHaving worked with household celebrities such as David Beckham (BBC1 David Beckham Into the Unknown), Freddie Flintoff (Sky 1 Flintoffs Road to Nowhere),  Bill Oddie (BBC2 Bill Oddie back in the USA) and Kate Humble (BBC Off the Beaten Track, My Welsh Sheepdog’s Tale, Wild Shepherdess), she decided to craft herself a new challenge in 2014: To make Tatu Pictures Ltd a huge success.

Producer/Director Raquel Toniolo on location Cadir IdrisAs if that wasn’t enough, Raquel is now officially a Mentor/Entrepreneur Role Model for the Welsh Government, going to schools and colleges around Wales to inspire a new generation.

Raquel Toniolo and Craig Morris filming in WalesWe are honoured to have this ‘Amazon Queen’ here with us.

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