Tatu Pictures Company Director Craig Morris

Company Director Bio

Lighting Cameraman / Editor


Craig has always been fanatical about movies and after returning home to Cardiff, from 13 years of world travel with life experience and dreadlocks down to his waist, he decided to turn his passions into a successful career as a filmmaker. ¬†Owing to receding hair, his dreadlocks were shaved off; he now rocks the bald look (though he complains it’s cold) and he’s currently sporting a rather dapper moustache.

Graduating as a mature student with a first, he received the prestigious “Creative Entrepreneur Award 2014” for his work with high end clients such as Coca-Cola and Wales Millennium Centre.

Future Entrepreneur Awards 2014Craig helped to start a college company at the university, to give students an opportunity of working with ‘real clients’ whilst gaining valuable work experience; now Craig is co-founder of Tatu Pictures Ltd.and he continues to give opportunities whenever it is possible.

Tatu would describe Craig as “Very charming and resourceful, he is a very handy man to have around; He is able to put his hand to most things and is the king of thinking on his feet.”

Contact him directly on : craig@tatupictures.com