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Hello and Welcome to Tatu Pictures

Thanks for swinging by.

We are an independent Film Production Company, based in a beautiful part of the world called Wales, more precisely in Cardiff.

Tatu Pictures Ltd was forged by these two lovely individuals from opposite corners of the world, a Brazilian lady and a Welshman.  They discovered rather quickly that not only did they share a passion for each other, but a passion for film making too.  This husband and wife team, Craig Morris and Raquel Toniolo, have epic back stories that you can explore.

Production still of the Tatu Pictures crew on locationWhat do we do?

If you haven’t already we’d recommend checking out our showreel first

  • We are filmmakers and very much enjoy what we do; we treat each production and everyone who works on it with care and passion, giving each film a uniquely distinctive personal touch
  • Though we mainly create films for broadcast, we do offer our services to anyone who requires them, such as businesses, charities, and individuals.  Have a look at some of the films we have made over the years by clicking here
  • We are always learning and trying to better ourselves
  • We strive to open doors for new up-and-coming talent, giving them a chance to work their way into this very competitive industry; by bringing in new blood, we learn as much from them as they do from us, which keeps Tatu Pictures young and fresh
  • We are ethically and environmentally conscious in the office and on shoots, and endeavour to minimise our impact on the planet in anyway we can

Tatu Pictures Ltd LogoWhat does ‘Tatu’ mean?

Tatu is Brazilian for Armadillo, hence the lovely logo of an Armadillo designed by Craig.  The Tatu (aka armadillo) has significant symbolism in Brazil; it means creativity, trust and curiosity, which seemed a fitting foundation for their business.


Three Banded Armadillo - Tatu