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Hello and Welcome to Tatu Pictures

Thanks for swinging by.

We are a cosmopolitan independent Video Production Company, based in a beautiful part of the world called Wales, more precisely in Cardiff.

Tatu Pictures Ltd was forged by these two lovely individuals from opposite corners of the world, a Brazilian lady and a Welshman.  They discovered rather quickly that not only did they share a passion for each other, but a passion for filmmaking too.  This soon to be married couple, Craig Morris and Raquel Toniolo, have epic back stories that you can explore.

What does ‘Tatu’ mean?Three Banded Armadillo - Tatu

Tatu is Brazilian for Armadillo, hence the lovely picture of an Armadillo designed by Craig.  He designed it as a tattoo for Raquel, after she had a life changing dream (you will have to ask her what the dream was).  In a quirk of serendipitous proportions, the Tatu (aka armadillo) has significant symbolism in Brazil; it means creativity, trust and curiosity.  What better, than to use this as the foundation to their business.

What do we do?

Did you not see the showreel??

  • We are filmmakers.  We create bespoke, exceptional quality films that have a broadcast and often cinematic feel; we treat each production with the care and passion you deserve, giving each film a uniquely distinctive personal touch.
  • We pride ourselves on getting to know you and what your needs are.
  • We offer our services to businesses, to charities, to individuals and broadcasting to create promotional, corporate, crowdfunding, showreels, music video’s, documentaries, dramas, feature length and shorts.
  • We are ambitious and creative, always learning; there is no limit to what we can do.

IMG_2557Why hire us?

  • We have 20 years combined experience in filmmaking.
  • We are personable, very friendly and professional.
  • Customer service is paramount to us. After all, who enjoys bad customer service?  And so we strive to make sure our clients only have wonderful things to say about us. Click here to read some testimonials.
  • We have an army of outstanding and award-winning freelance industry talent to call upon and collaborate with on productions.
  • By hiring our services you are also helping new up-and-coming talent to get into this very competitive industry; we pride ourselves on bringing in new blood, whenever possible; which gives them unique opportunities to develop their talent and skills whilst keeping Tatu Pictures young and fresh.
  • We strive to make a few charity films a year, as we believe in the power of films to enlighten and educate.
  • We are ethically and environmentally conscious in the office and on shoots. We endeavour to minimise our impact on the planet in anyway we can.