Photo of Tatu Pictures Raquel Toniolo delivering her talk

Aberystwyth creatives get a taste of International TV

A trip to Aberystwyth this week made our Producer/ Director Raquel Toniolo very happy.

The town is vibrant and pretty. Now Raquel understands why students bred there have a hard time letting go of the place.

Raquel was invited by Skillset Cymru, K7 Media and Cazbah Wales to take part in a day dedicated to showcase the realms of International TV to creative, business and marketing students at Aberystwyth University; and based on her excitable squeals she had a lot of fun.

With a turn out of over 60 people the event was a huge success.

Rhidian Dafydd, from Skillset Cymru introduced the event, drawing the students attention to everything Skillset has to offer, including their new professional network Hiive.  

The day started with super talented and super cool Ed Thomas, the creative director and executive producer of Fiction Factory and co-creator, co-writer and exec-produced of the acclaimed detective drama series Hinterland.

Ed opened the day and smashed it, with his ad-hoc yet extremely insightful and generous talk on how they got Hinterland off the ground on a flight heading straight for the stars.
Raquel says “What a pleasure it was to share experiences with Ed and get inspired by his success”.

Next up was Keri Lewis Brown, from K7 media presenting some wild clips showcasing the power of ‘TV Formats’ in entertainment television worldwide; amusing and opening the eyes of the next generation of filmmakers, as well as the business and marketing professionals.

The event ended with our very own Raquel Toniolo, sharing her experiences on how to produce a successful foreign shoot, filled with clips, anecdotes and enthusiasm.

Tatu Pictures would like to thank the Students for attending and participating with their perceptive questions, photographer Giles Bennett for documenting the event and huge thanks goes to K7 Media, Cazbah Wales, Skillset Cymru and Aberystwyth University for the memorable opportunity.

photo of Producer/ Director Raquel Toniolo talking to students after her presentation on International Filming at Aberystwyth University on 19th February 2015
Raquel Toniolo talks to the students at Aberystwyth University after her presentation on International Filming

All Photos by Giles W Bennett

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