Picture of the production team for upcoming BBC documentary 3 part series

A week in the life of a Film Production Company

Phew!  Its been a bonkers, non-stop, crazy, roller coaster ride these past few weeks for this Cardiff based film and video production company – but all in a good way.  In a 3 week period Tatu has found and moved into a swanky office down Cardiff Bay and started production on a TV series for the Beeb.

Recent news:

Tatu Pictures has just completed it’s first major shoot for a 3 part documentary series for BBC Wales (with a further 1 hour reworking for BBC 2).  The documentary follows TV’s Kate Humble and her Welsh Sheepdog “Teg” on a journey around Wales looking at the history of the breed, what makes them stand out among other breeds and what their future holds.  This project will go on for another 8 months and there will be more filming as time goes on.

Production shoot for BBC documentary attacked by cowsWe have experienced all four seasons in the week we were away, becoming drenched in rain that comes from underneath one minute and being sunburnt and dehydrated the following minute.  We have been ushered off a field by some rather large and menacing looking cows giving gentle nudges, we have experienced run-away sheep, climbed mountains with spectacular vast views of rolling green, been lost in fog, ridden on the back of quad bikes, eaten a lot of cake, drank copious amounts of tea and visited some of the most beautiful hidden gems Wales has to offer… We cannot wait for the next shoot in mid August.

In other news:

Tatu celebrated it’s first Birthday last week.  Though there was no one around to celebrate it as we were away filming, we hope to have a few drinkies to celebrate a very successful first year!

And finally:

Tatu Pictures filming for kate humble's farm, Aquaponics greenhouseThe 8 films we did a few months ago for the ever lovely, household name, Kate Humble, and her farm Humble by Nature are now being put online weekly.  The films are all centred around their Aquaponics Greenhouse, from the building of it to how Aquaponics works.  What is Aquaponics?  You will have to watch the series of films to find out.

You can watch the available Aquaponics films here or on the Humble by Nature Website here

Tatu Pictures Ltd would like to take this opportunity to thank the following people for their support in the production of these 8 short films:

  • Kate Humble for commissioning us
  • Ludo Graham for the footage he provided of the building of the greenhouse
  • Ross Birnie for the rather excellent aerial camera work
  • Gwyn Thomas for his deep soothing voice over (and the fun we had recording him)
  • Ian Palmer for his fine tuning of the audio
  • And finally to the wonderful contributors and staff on the farm

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